Season Summary: Rounds 10-14

With the GIANTS’ season coming to an end, let’s take a look back at the year that was. Next up, Rounds 10-14 after the World Cup Break

Round 10: Magpies v GIANTS

A ruthless GIANTS outfit downed the Magpies in the first game back after the World Cup break.

In a brutal loss for the Magpies, they gave up a seven-goal result and fourth place on the ladder after the GIANTS claimed three bonus points to move above them in the premiership race.

The GIANTS who had three players compete in Liverpool, the same number as the Magpies, appeared to have handled the trip back to Australia far better than the home side and put them on the back foot after quarter-time.

The GIANTS’ defence was ruthless and disciplined with Sam Poolman claiming four gains, goal defence Kristiana Manu’a adding  three gains and wing defence Amy Parmenter collecting four.

Score breakdown:
Q1: Magpies 14 v GIANTS 16
Q2: Magpies 9 v GIANTS 18
Q3: Magpies 11 v GIANTS 18
Q4: Magpies 22 v GIANTS 11
FT: Magpies 56 v GIANTS 63

Suncorp Super Netball Premiership Points:
Magpies – 1

Nissan Player of The Match – Jo Harten

Match Centre and full replayCLICK HERE

Round 11: GIANTS v Firebirds

The GIANTS post-World Cup winning form continued when they headed to Canberra to take on the Firebirds.

A 21-12 third quarter from the GIANTS was the difference, with the teams splitting the bonus points after the Firebirds fought back to win the final term.

GIANTS captain Kim Green and Firebirds captain Gabi Simpson tested each other’s patience throughout the first half before GIANTS coach Julie Fitzgerald introduced Kiera Austin at wing attack to start the third quarter.

The change appeared to do the trick, with the GIANTS scoring 10 of the first 13 goals to establish a 38-32 lead and eventually claim the quarter 21-12 – enough for an eight-goal advantage heading into the fourth.

The Firebirds won the final quarter 16-14, but with Caitlin Bassett (30/32) and Nissan MVP Jo Harten (33/39) continuing to share the load, they did enough to hang on for an important win that saw them maintain their spot in the top four.

Score breakdown:
Q1: GIANTS 13v Firebirds 15
Q2: GIANTS 14  v Firebirds 13
Q3: GIANTS 21 v Firebirds 12
Q4: GIANTS 14 v Firebirds 16
FT: GIANTS 63 v Firebirds 57

Suncorp Super Netball Premiership Points:
Firebirds – 2

Nissan Player of The Match – Jo Harten

Match Centre and full replayCLICK HERE

Round 12: GIANTS v Lightning

Going into this match, neither team had lost a game since returning from the World Cup break and the GIANTS were looking for a third straight victory. 

The Lightning got the first breakaway in the match, but a late run of momentum from the GIANTS saw them score the final three goals of the term.

They nearly evened the quarter but a missed a goal in the dying seconds saw the Lightning win the first bonus point.

The GIANTS continued their momentum as the second quarter began as they steamrolled the Lightning.

Unfortunately, the momentum didn’t carry over into the third quarter. A time-out was called and changes were made, with immediate impact.

The GIANTS fought boldly in the last, so much so they claimed the final bonus point with a 14 goal to 13 quarter, but it wasn’t enough to get the lead back from the Lightning.

Score breakdown:
Q1: GIANTS 15  v Lightning 16
Q2: GIANTS 17  v Lightning 15
Q3: GIANTS 10  v Lightning 16
Q4: GIANTS 14  v Lightning 13
FT: GIANTS 56 v Lightning 60

Suncorp Super Netball Premiership Points
Lightning – 6

Match centre and full replay CLICK HERE

Round 13: Thunderbirds v GIANTS

The GIANTS had a job to do in Round 13 to remain in finals contention and that’s exactly what they went out and did.

A victory was all but assured by half time, with the GIANTS leading from the outset to claim bonus points in both the first and second quarters.

The Thunderbirds showed some fight in the second half, but they couldn’t make headway after their shooting end was decimated by injury.

The bonus point went begging in the third term as the teams split the quarter 10-10, but the GIANTS did enough to secure the bonus point in the fourth quarter, winning it 13-12.

Score breakdown:
Q1: Thunderbirds 7 v GIANTS 17
Q2: Thunderbirds 11 v GIANTS 14
Q3: Thunderbirds 10 v GIANTS 10
Q4: Thunderbirds 13 v GIANTS 14
FT: Thunderbirds 40 v GIANTS 54

Suncorp Super Netball Premiership Points:
Thunderbirds – 0

Match centre and full replayCLICK HERE

Round 14: GIANTS v Fever

The GIANTS recorded a 10-goal win over the West Coast Fever but had to serve a nervous wait to see if they did enough to secure a finals berth for 2019.

A high scoring opening term saw the first quarter all tied up at the end of the 15 minutes.

The GIANTS carried the momentum in the second quarter, outscoring the visitors by 10 goals.

The Fever who were playing for pride refused to make it easier for the GIANTS who needed as many bonus points as possible. The GIANTS took the third quarter 16-14.

The final quarter was a see-sawing affair as both teams pushed hard. The Fever made it difficult for the home team all the way to the final whistle, outscoring the GIANTS 18-goals to 16 in the final quarter.

Score breakdown:
Q1: GIANTS 17 v Fever 17
Q2: GIANTS 21 v Fever11
Q3: GIANTS 16 v Fever 14
Q4: GIANTS 16 v Fever 18

Suncorp Super Netball Premiership Points:
Fever – 1

Nissan Player of The Match – Caitlin Bassett

Match centre and full replayCLICK HERE