O’Shannassy Returns to Court

GIANTSNetballTV caught up with defender Teigan O’Shannassy after she returned to the court for the first time on the weekend.

O’Shannassy who suffered a ruptured Achilles in July 2018 has worked hard in rehab the past nine months to make her return to the netball court last weekend in Round 2 of the Deakin University Australia Netball League (DUANL) with the Canberra GIANTS.

This significant milestone marks the end of O’Shannassy’s rehabilitation journey and allows her to re-join the GIANTS Netball team in full capacity at training.

“It’s been about eight and a half months since doing my Achilles, and I think I can officially say I’m out of rehab” says O’Shannassy.
O’Shannassy took to the court on the weekend in not one but two games with the Canberra GIANTS.

“I finally played my first game, I got to play three quarters on Saturday and a half a game again on Sunday, and it was just so much fun to get back out there,

The recovery journey was not always easy, but O’Shannassy has tackled this challenge with strong determination and a positive attitude at every turn.

“I was definitely nervous. It was my first game, I knew I wasn’t going to get every ball or do everything right, I just wanted to get out there and make sure I had fun and I did,” said O’Shannassy.

Watch the full interview with Teigan O’Shannassy in the player below.

Teigan O'Shannassy Returns to the Court