GIANTS defeat Pies

GIANTS Lock Down First Win of Season with Eight-Goal Win over Magpies

GIANTS Netball have secured their first victory of the 2019 Suncorp Super Netball Season in a thrilling win over Collingwood Magpies Netball. The home team rallied from a small one-point deficit after the first quarter to surge home and down the Magpies 58-50 by the end of the fourth.

The Magpies went up early over the GIANTS with some unfortunate errors and turnovers giving them the advantage, but GIANTS were able to keep their wits and fought hard for every opportunity to gain back some ground. Sam Poolman (GK), Kristiana Manu’a (GD) and Amy Parmenter (WD) were a defensive force to be reckoned with in the Magpies end with intercepts aplenty. Though the GIANTS found their feet and had some impressive play across the court, Magpies managed to stay just one goal ahead to take the first bonus point.

While defensively the GIANTS managed to clip the Magpies’ wings, there was no lack of impact from the team’s attacking end, as was evident in the second quarter. From the first centre pass a shift in the game could be seen, as GIANTS pulled together as a team to send the ball down their end to the waiting hands of Caitlin Bassett (GS) and Jo Harten (GA). Jamie-Lee Price (C) and Kim Green (WA) dominated the outside of the circle, with some impressive aerial catches and quick feeds. There were a few turnovers that went against the GIANTS and put Magpies up, but with the attacking and defensive ends gelling well, the GIANTS held their ground.

Once again, the defensive end of the GIANTS were on fire. Their unrelenting pressure on Magpies’ attackers, including shooters Nat Medhurst (GA) and Shimona Nelson (GS), allowed them to secure some key rebounds and make some vital intercepts, including one intercept from Price in the closing moments of the quarter that saw her tumbling to the ground and sent the home crowd wild. The GIANTS closed the quarter up 26-23 and took the second bonus point.

After that, physicality was amped up in the third quarter, as GIANTS continued to come together as a group and find their groove. The combination of Bassett and Harten looked strong, and the flow through the midcourt was much smoother for the GIANTS and the results showed in the goal circle.

Green and Price were dominant in the goal third, allowing for some stunning passing and gorgeous takes by Harten and Bassett under the post. Harten was her mobile best as she moved all over the goal circle and around the midcourt with stylish flair, while Parmenter had the crowd behind her as she was an undeniable impact in defence with her speed and athleticism. Poolman meanwhile, put the pressure on Nelson, leading the shooter to give away some contact penalties. The GIANTS managed to climb to a five-goal lead over Magpies and while at one point the momentum seemed to swing to the Magpies as they got to within two goals, GIANTS finished the quarter up ten goals (43-35) and secured their second bonus point of the match.

The fourth quarter saw the GIANTS playing with real confidence in themselves as they continued to secure some stunning intercepts, net goals from around the circle and feed the circle with precision. The trio of Parmenter, Poolman and Manu’a continued to work hard to stifle the Magpies’ attack, with strong support from Price. On the attacking end, Green, Harten and Price had real vision and played smart to find Bassett in the circle, with the shooter showing great confidence and holding her ground against star Magpies defender Geva Mentor (GK). Kiera Austin came on as GA in the closing minutes of the match and her quick feet and smooth play helped GIANTS hold the lead.

In the end, it was a tied quarter, so no bonus point was awarded, but that didn’t suppress the sweetness of the team’s first victory of the season, with the final score reading 58-50.